Yamuna Body Rolling

“It is exercise in a non-exercise form, one that combines the relaxing, pleasurable effects of a massage with the toning effect of exercise, only using a ball. After your first session, your whole body feels transformed: you breathe more deeply; your posture is improved; your joints are looser.” – Yamuna Zake

You will only truly understand it once you get on the ball.


YBR can be adapted to a great variety of clients, non-exercisers as well as exercise enthusiasts, no matter what age you are.


Best is close-fitting clothing that allows for full movement: optimally, tights and leotards or very close-fitting stretch pants/leggings and stretch t-shirts. Clothing should not be too thick, or it will be difficult to feel the ball. Nor should it be too slippery, since the ball will slip off it. Baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts tend to bunch up or get stuck under the ball and make moving it more difficult. If you wear a t-shirt, tuck it in.
Men should wear some sort of shirt, since the ball can pull chest or back hair, and some people find that the sensation of the ball directly on the surface of the skin is irritating.

Body Rolling is best done with some kind of padding on the floor, such an exercise mat or carpet.  A yoga mat is particularly good for keeping the ball from slipping out from under you.

“I think of Body Rolling more as a lifestyle than just a fitness program, since when you’re more at ease in your body, your whole life feels easier.” – Yamuna Zake

Recommendation: come to class on an empty stomach if possible because most classes include abdominal work. If that’s not possible, eat lightly, at least two hours before the class.

Classes offered: private, small groups and classes at Soma Yoga – Studio One.

Yamuna Face

Improved alignment
Improved bone quality
Improved circulation
Improved skin and muscle tone
Reduction of eye strain and tension
Relieves sinus headaches
Improves TMJ issues
Yamuna Body Rolling

Improved posture
Increased range of motion
Improved alignment in all parts of body
Increased muscle tone
Increased flexibility
Increased organ function
Improves circulation
Yamuna Foot Fitness (foot wakers)

Heals and prevents common foot problems
Improves foot alignment and function
Improves gait and foot mobility
Improves muscle strength and tone
Improves circulation
Reduces fluid retention
Improved posture
Yamuna-Pilates Fusion Mat Class

Yamuna-Pilates uses Yamuna Body Rolling
and Yamuna Foot Fitness routines to
enhance Pilates instruction. The basic
principles support anyone’s ability to do
any exercise successfully and
without injury.