Coaching the Body: Trigger Point Therapy

This approach to the treatment of pain is completely unique and very effective, synthesizing the traditional techniques of Thai massage with an in-depth knowledge of western clinical approaches and trigger point therapy.

Personal Pain Coaching will walk you through assessing your home lifestyle and “workplace” ergonomics, any structural perpetuating factors that may be keeping you in pain (e.g. leg length discrepancy, hyperpronation), and will teach you self-care techniques that you can use at any time to reduce your pain level.

Coaching the Body TM is an approach to the treatment of pain that grew out of Chuck Duff’s research as a bodyworker and trigger point therapist. Most pain is produced by muscles rather than injury. Over time, the body accumulates areas of stagnation in muscles called trigger points. These are capable of causing pain sensations at locations far removed from the muscle itself. Each experience of pain can cause the nervous system to engage, or splint muscles to “protect” the body from further injury. Trigger points are one way for the body to place muscle fibers in engagement without requiring further energy input. In this way, muscles can develop a widespread pattern of dysfunction. 

Most approaches to bodywork and self-care take the primary strategy of compressing the tender areas, and moving the point of compression around but not the muscle. “Rubbing where it hurts” is not a very useful approach because most of the time trigger points send pain to a different location. Coaching the Body approach has the goal of always getting to the source of pain. 

Coaching the Body Trigger Point Release Technique Self-care

The purpose of this type of self-treatment is to restore the ability of your muscles to engage and move through range without pain. In order for a muscle to be able to do its job, it needs to be able to contract, or actively shorten, as well as stretch – without pain. Trigger points interfere with this process, so we want to discover and treat the areas in muscle that have trigger points, and also retrain the movements that change the length of the muscle. In this process, we’re really reeducating the nervous system, which sends motor signals to the muscles and also is capable of generating the experience of pain.

Therapy Types Offered

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Pricing – $75 for one hour, $90 for 75 minutes, $110 For 90 minutes