Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage (Simon Piers Gall) emphasizes the massage of the feet (rather than “reflexology”) and is intended to generally stimulate the reflex points of the feet, in order to stimulate the internal organs generally and encourage the free flow of energy throughout the body by thoroughly massaging both the feet and the lower legs. The techniques employed promote general health and well-being. The recipient takes a seat, puts their feet up, and sabai (relaxes) in receiving a refreshing, revitalizing massage that is deeply relaxing.

This form of foot massage has been practiced for thousands of years and originated in India as part of the ayurvedic medical system. The version that we see today in Thailand has evolved with both Indian and Chinese influence, along with other Far Eastern medical practices. This sharing of knowledge and techniques has been brought about by the spread of Buddhism and the many trade routes throughout Southeast Asia.

Therapy Types Offered

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Pricing – $75 for one hour, $90 for 75 minutes, $110 For 90 minutes